ِAbout us

-Founded in Kobani (12 March 2013 )on the basis of an organization acting as a "network" with a number of roles such as the publication of the newspaper "Bercav" and the magazine "Bercav Magazine” and also social media, the publication of brochures, studies and researches that cares about people and their concerns, democracy, civil society, the issue of development and also the capacity building section and during our existence as a worker within the civil society we did dozens of workshops about journalism and its arts, how to craft news stories, reports and investigations about vocabulary that constitute complications in political discourse such as: Federal, Social nodes ,political and social harmony, civil peace and co-existence.
*This organization (network) is non-profit, concerned with democratic development as part of its public interest and wishes to develop:
-The values and civil society reality and the strengthening of its role in our society`s life.
- Democracy concept in the social and political circles, the importance of institutions, and the capacity-building for the leaders of the community.
-Crystalizing a real media and social reality in our regions.

Our work field is:
- Contribution to democratic development and to develop concepts such as the citizen, the importance of the federal State, the social nodes, the concerns of the people, how to achieve happiness for society, Community communication, peaceful coexistence and the peace industry.
-Provision of services or social, cultural and developmental activities that will improve the level of the citizens in society in all fields.
-Activate the dialogue to reach local and national platforms that are effective in order to reach productive public life and not to be constrained for citizens, activists, politicians and stakeholders roles.
We have:
-"Bercav" newspaper: a newspaper called the People's newspaper and its motto, “People`s concerns are our concerns." Until now, we issued 35 issues, issued 24 in Kobani and had been distributed to the Kobani elite, political parties, organizations and 5 issues in Turkey and 6 in Erbil.
-We have website.
-Social Networking pages.
-Headquarters in the Kurdistan - Iraq, Kobani, Manbj and Raqqa countryside, and events halls.

General policy:
Take care of the public interest and reflect the image of the people and their visions, Bercav organization is unbiased and do not serve any party or political parties but establishing and working within the public affairs and enhances the importance of the public role and show the truth through highlighting the image of all in its reports, articles and investigations, where we primarily care about people. Bercav is a diverse and multi North-Syrian newspaper, and wants to expand its activities in other areas of Syria in addition to Kobani.